Why did Marijuana Become Illegal? (Documentary)

tumblr lubsbvfn0M1r4hswao1 500 Why did Marijuana Become Illegal? (Documentary)The History Channel created this Documentary showing how the government used mass hysteria, systematic propaganda to change the opinion of the most valuable cash crop known to man. Throughout the years the "Reefer Madness" only intensified, truth became more difficult to distinguish from fiction and the "Prohibition Business" only grew stronger. Marijuana Doctors 411 presents this documentary to our user base to provide the insight needed to know "Why Marijuana is Illegal". Without understanding the Racial implications and the blatant lies regarding this cash crop, you will not understand the reason why marijuana remains illegal today. Simply know that there are a few individuals who benefit from it's "illegality" while the majority of humanity suffered since 1937 when Cannabis was made illegal in the US and subsequently outsourced to the rest of the world. Enjoy! Legalize Marijuana!

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