Marijuana Recipes Made Easy: Flour Power!

Throughout our rediscovery of the benefits of cannabis that links back to ancient Chinese medicine, we have begun to see a widening variety of ways it can be used to provide these benefits. Medical marijuana can be smoked, vaporized, or eaten in any number of marijuana recipes to treat many aliments like cancer, MS, PTSD, chronic pain, and many others. When it was introduced as a medicine in China, cannabis was eaten for its effects, and no other delivery system has been or is as complete as ingestion. THC is but one of dozens of cannabinoids present in the plant, most of which are burned away or left behind when smoking. In addition to THC, cannabis plants also contain CBD, or cannabidiol, which has been noted to provide relief from more physical symptoms like chronic pain and stiffness, most especially when eaten. Cannabinoids like CBD and others that are usually left behind by smoking can be preserved by using several different ingredients like butter, oil, and milk to make countless recipes, but they are not the only ingredients to consider when cooking with cannabis. Although it is mentioned less often in terms of making edibles, flour ground from marijuana is quite versatile in the kitchen, and should be a staple item in any canna-cook’s kitchen. Cannabis flour is very easy to use, and even easier to make. To increase the effectiveness of your product, you can decarboxylate your material. Some people (myself included) swear by it. Sometimes you wouldn’t notice much of a difference with foods that cook for a period of time, other foods that don’t require as much heating to prepare will do the most convincing for the power of decarbed product. To do this, grind your plant into a semi-fine consistency and spread evenly on a baking sheet. Heat at between 215-230 C. for about 20 to 30 minutes to activate the THC in the plant. Grind your cannabis into a fine powder, and sift for desired consistency. Mix it with other flours or use it alone. A popular way to use it is to replace roughly ½ of your regular flour with cannabis flour when preparing marijuana recipes. Cannabis flour gives foods a smooth, yet bold cannabis flavor that is rather well suited for many breads and pastries.
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