Marijuana Strain for Depression

Marijuana Strain for Depression
As we discover more regarding the medicinal properties of marijuana we learn that certain marijuana strains help with certain conditions. In this section we take a more profound look at what marijuana strain can be used as a medicine for depression. Depression can be caused by many different factors including; elevated stress levels, tragedy, Post traumatic experiences, and more. Depression could derive from a chemical imbalance or external events, in any case certain marijuana strains will help. Some side effects of depression might include; lack of energy, lack of motivation, sadness, lack of appetite etc. Thus in order to counter these general side effects, you need a marijuana strain that will give you energy and motivation.
  • Sativa Marijuana Strain – Sativa is one phenotype of marijuana. The effects are generally an energetic cerebral experience. A lot of people express they feel euphoric and happy with this type of marijuana. It would seem that sativa provides the counter to the side effects of depression. The question is what type of sativa would work the best for depression?
  • Headband marijuana strain – Headband is quite strong and will keep you on your feet for hours. It’s perfect for getting out and doing what is needed to be done. You won’t have time to sulk when you’re smoking headband. You won’t need a lot of headband to feel the effects and it generally lasts for a few hours. You will definitely need to get some liquids when ingesting headband as you can get the proverbial “cotton mouth” quite severely.
Depression is a horrible condition to have. Pharmaceutical anti-depressants can be very addictive and leave the patient feeling anxious, agitated, sweating, sexual dysfunction and an army of side effects. Anti-depressants are some of the most prescribed medicines for mental disorders in the United States. Marijuana is a natural medicine for these types of conditions. If you are currently suffering depression and you live in a medical marijuana state, ask your doctor if you could opt in for marijuana as a treatment. Remember that the sativa marijuana strain is the choice strain for depression. If there is other strains that you recommend for depression, please list them below for the community’s sake.
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