Blackberry Marijuana Strain

Blackberry is a Sativa dominant and is a cross-breed between Black Domino and Raspberry cough. Blackberry is a very sensitive plant and the harvest will mainly depend on the abilities of the grower. You will need to maintain a tight ship when you grow this one. This plant is perfect for indoor hydroponic grow operations where absolute control over the environment is ensured. It takes roughly nine to eleven weeks for the entire cycle to be completed from seed to harvest. You can expect your plant to produce a tight and narrow plant that can vary from different phenotype. A healthy plant would have dark velvety green leaves and is very resistant to mold. Growers suggest that planting in soil is the best option in order to maximize the taste of the final product, but within a control environment you shouldn’t have too much trouble in any means you choose. The bottom line is to maintain a perfect condition without too much influx of temperature and humidity. At the end of the growing cycle the Blackberry would have doubled in size giving a decent amount of bud per plant, roughly 60-100 grams per plant or a 400-500 grams per square meter. It’s a perfect plant for creating Essential Hemp oils due to the fact that the yield is abundant. From one square meter you can roughly produce 3 ounces of essential Hemp oils that would last a single person four to six months of consumption.
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