What Marijuana Strain Helps my Condition?

 What Marijuana Strain Helps my Condition?With the rise in popularity of the medical cannabis industry many patients are inquiring as to what marijuana strain can help them with their specific condition. Marijuana does have medical value and can help with a wide array of diseases and conditions. The full extent of how much marijuana can help you is still undiscovered as only recently more in depth studies are being conducted.
  • The Sativa Marijuana Strain – Sativa is a phenotype of marijuana. Generally people refer to sativa marijuana strains as the “day time medication”. The reason for this is because when consuming sativa you will feel  an energetic very cerebral high. It helps a lot with pain, depression, lack of appetite and lack of motivation to name a few. This strain isn't recommended for night time use. You might find it difficult to sleep.
  • The Indica Marijuana Strain – Indica is another phenotype of marijuana. Generally people refer to indica marijuana strains as the night time medication. The reason is because indica is a sedative. It is a perfect strain to manage pain, nausea, appetite loss and is best for making into essential hemp oils.
Now that we have covered the basics of these marijuana strains, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the effects of each respective strain.
  • Sativa – Here is a short list of the effects of sativa;
  1. Reduces Nausea
  2. Increases appetite
  3. Anti-depressant
  4. Uplifting cerebral effect
  5. Energy, Creativity
  6. Headache and Migraine relief
  7. Muscle Relaxant
  8. Expectorant
  • Indica – Here is a short list of the effects of indica;
  1. Pain reduction
  2. Muscle relaxant
  3. Seizure reduction
  4. Sleep aid
  5. Reduction of nausea
  6. Intra-ocular pressure reduction
  7. Broncio-dilator
  8. Headache and migraine relief.
Depending on what symptoms you display, or what the desired effect you’re looking for you’ll need to choose accordingly. Each marijuana strain will help in its own way. It will be up to you to choose the right one. Normally patients use a combination of the two to treat different symptoms at different times of the day. You could also get a hybrid marijuana strain that will provide a combination of Indica/Sativa effects depending on which one is dominant.
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