Marijuana Strain for ADHD

Marijuana Strain for ADHD
In the US it is speculated that 3%-5% of all children suffer from ADHD/ADD.  Recent studies have shown that cannabis is useful in treating ADHD. We’ll go a step further into checking out which marijuana strain will provide greater relief of ADHD symptoms.
  • ADHD/ADD explained – A popular theory on this condition states that 70% of your brain is used to regulate 30% of the sensory input. In other words you require more brain power to process the stimuli that you perceive; sight, smell, touch, taste, sound. The lack of dopamine in the brain doesn't allow the patient to focus on one of these aspects without being distracted by the disorder.
  • Marijuana and ADHD – Before we dive deeper into the right marijuana strain for ADHD we’ll first discuss the relationship between cannabis and ADHD. The current medicine used to treat ADHD/ADD is based on amphetamines such as Ritilin. The main function that the amphetamines bring is releasing dopamine in the brain but is also accompanied by some serious side effects such as abdominal pain, lack of appetite, restlessness, insomnia and more. Cannabis has proven to also release dopamine within the brain without causing any of these side effects. People using cannabis for their ADHD have seen significant improvement in concentration, students who suffer from ADHD have noted that their grades increase dramatically.
  • Marijuana Strain for ADHD – The best strain for ADD/ADHD would be a hybrid 50%-50% or slightly dominant sativa strain. The reason being that while the indica will aid in calming down the hyperactivity, the sativa aspect of the marijuana strain will allow the patient to feel awake as opposed to being sedated. We do not recommend a full 100% sativa strain due to the hyperactivity aspect of the disorder. Thus a counterbalance in Indica is recommended. Something like Raspberry Cough or Cinderella 99 should be a perfect strain.
The current medicine used for ADHD/ADD doesn't live up to what it promises. Cannabis will do much more for the patient than Ritilin could ever do and will not cause any harmful side effects. Any Sativa Dominant Hybrid marijuana strain would do in treating ADHD/ADD.
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