How to Choose the Right Marijuana Strain for Your Condition

For many people who decide to use marijuana for medicinal purposes it is a first time experience, and they have little knowledge about marijuana.  After finding out that marijuana can help them, learning about the different strains of marijuana is pretty much left up to the patient.  The thing about this is, different strains work for different symptoms, so it is important to find out which ones will work for you and your condition. Each marijuana strain essentially falls into one of two categories, the Indica category and the Sativa category.  The difference between the two types of strains has to do with the content of the two most important cannabinoids, which include CBD and THC.  THC content is pretty much always plentiful, in any strain, but CBD is rarer in some types of strains.  Indica strains tend to have a higher content of CBD, which means that the individual using such a marijuana strain will feel the effects of the THC, but have less of a psychoactive effect.  For new users of medical cannabis this is often desirable.  Aside from CBD content, the important distinguishing difference between Sativa and Indica lies in the sensations that each can provide.
  • Sativa – A marijuana strain that falls into the Sativa category will provide a much more energetic high than one that falls into the Indica category.  The high can be felt in both the body as well as in the mind.  The characteristics of Sativa strains make them perfect for such conditions as depression, pain, and nausea.
  • Indica – A marijuana strain that falls into the Indica category will provide a much more sedative high than would a Sativa, and the high is felt more in the body than in the mind.  Due to these characteristics, Indicas are extremely helpful for conditions that affect the body, such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and severe chronic pain.
Finding out if marijuana can help your condition is only the first step of getting relief.  The strain you choose is what will determine how much relief you get.  If you need more information on strains you shouldn’t hesitate to ask, as the marijuana strain you choose will make all the difference.
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