Marijuana Strain for Muscle Spasms

marijuana strain for muscle disorders
There are a few conditions that cause severe muscle spasms of which marijuana can help. If you suffer from muscle spasms or a condition that causes your muscles to spasm you will most probably benefit from an Indica dominant marijuana strain. Throughout the next segment we’ll address the issues surrounding what marijuana does for muscle spasms and which specific strain to choose to control your condition. We will also briefly touch base on the best methods of consumption of your medical marijuana.  

Medical Marijuana and Muscle Spasms

  Studies have shown that people who suffer from conditions that induce muscle spasms almost instantly feel a difference when smoking marijuana. Yet not all medical marijuana will have the same effect on your body. In other words you would have to choose accordingly in order to obtain the most benefit from your marijuana strain. More importantly is the method of consumption which would have a stronger impact on the body. For instance, if you were to smoke/vaporize cannabis it might provide immediate effect but not as strong as one would desire. For those of you who suffer from intense spasms the best method would be to eat it. You can make brownies, cookies or even lasagnas with finely grounded cannabis in it to have a long lasting effect. Once more you should measure out the cannabis otherwise you could consume too much. While you may not be in fear of death by eating too much cannabis, you could have an intense experience that might not be desirable for many.

What marijuana strain to choose?

GDP Strain 150x150 Marijuana Strain for Muscle Spasms

Marijuana Strains

As we mentioned that indica is the golden ticket here. You should experiment with hybrid indica dominants and pure indica if you have severe spasms. The hybrids will allow you to function throughout the day and continue with your usual activities, indica at 100% might knock you off your feet, but rest assured that you should feel minimum spasms throughout the day. The recommended strains are;  Blackberry (Severe spasms), Critical Mass (Mild to Medium)   If you have any success stories, recommendations or news about marijuana, hemp or anything related to the medical marijuana industry please feel free to join our Wiki discussions and Forum.
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