Marijuana Strain for HEP B and C

marijuana strain for hepatitis
One of our users asked us to write a piece on which marijuana strain would be best for hepatitis B and C. In aims to provide unique care and attention to detail we set out to investigate just that. We will also be covering best consumption methods and which phenotype will do you justice. If you know someone or you yourself suffers from HEP B and C keep on reading.
  • Marijuana and Hepatitis – Hepatitis is a disease that affects nearly 4 million Americans every single year and is a viral disease that effects the liver. People who suffer from Hepatitis C generally feel fatigue, joint pain, depression and cirrhosis in the liver and even liver cancer. Whether there have been no clinical trials done on humans with hepatitis there have been plenty of pathological evidence that suggests that cannabis can at least minimize the symptoms of hepatitis.
  • Marijuana Strain for Hepatitis – In most cases to find the right marijuana strain for your disease you need to look at the symptoms. In Hep C we know that pain is an issue, inflammation, depression, nausea and so forth (especially due to current “approved” treatment. For these symptoms indica is the recommended marijuana strain since it will help the patient deal with pain and inflammation. Doctors have found that the benefits of cannabis outweigh the potential risks in patients and deem that using cannabis to treat the symptoms of hepatitis is definitely a worthy approach.
  • Which specific marijuana strain do you recommend? – We believe that for Hepatitis the best strains would be heavy indicas. Something like Northern Lights or Northern Lights-Bubblegum should do the trick since it has a high THC content and a very powerful sedative.
  • Best Methods to consume – Specifically for this disease we recommend a combination of methods. In order to stimulate the immune system essential hemp oil should be taken orally two to three times a day. When the patient feels sudden pain he/she should vaporize and if the pain continues then making an eatable would be the best approach; brownies, cookies etc.
For Hepatitis the best marijuana strain is a heavy indica. If you don’t want to feel too sedated then a hybrid 70-30 Indica dominant should do the trick.
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