Marijuana Strain to Treat Insomnia

Marijuana Strain Insomnia
It is no surprise that some weed act as uppers while others are downers. Thus if you know which marijuana strain to consume prior to bed to help you count those sheep, you can use marijuana medicinally. Insomnia is no laughing matter either. Insomnia and Health Insomnia can have drastic effects on your health. The first most significant insomnia can have on a person is the lack of being able to concentrate throughout your day. It will become more difficult to maintain complex cognitive functionality if one cannot sleep. Eventually this will begin to affect your general health and eventually could develop into serious conditions or health risks. A thick indica marijuana strain could be the medicine you need before dosing off to sleep. Indica Marijuana Strain Marijuana can either be uplifting (sativa) or a “downer” (indica). Indica generally helps with sleep deprivation, pain and generally induces a state of relaxation into the user. The marijuana strain we believe to hit the nail on the head for insomnia is Chem Dog. Chem Dog is a heavy Inidca strain and a few solid puffs roughly fifteen minutes before bed should do the trick. Alternative Consumption Methods If you don’t like to smoke or vaporize marijuana you could opt in for eating or drinking it in a tea. Some cannabis tea could be both relaxing and will definitely hit you much more mellow than if you were to smoke. You could also opt in for eating marijuana candy or eating a marijuana cookie roughly one hour before your bed time. By the end of the hour to an hour and a half you should not have any problem drifting into oblivion. Eating it however might cause you to still feel slightly “narcotic” in the morning thus a vapor hit or a tea would be the best option to treat insomnia. You would be surprised on how many people suffer from insomnia. Insomnia could occur for a number of reasons including stress, anxiety, chemical imbalance and much more. Knowing which marijuana strain works best for you could be the difference to living a productive “waking life” or and prevent serious illnesses along the way.
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