Marijuana Strain to treat Multiple Sclerosis

Marijuana Strain for MS (Montel Williams)
Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that occurs when there is damage to the nerves in the brain and the spinal cord. Medical marijuana has shown great benefits in relieving symptoms and thus we will discuss which marijuana strain is best for MS. People who have smoked marijuana to treat this horrific disease can almost return back to normality as marijuana actually helps repair damage nerve cells.
  • What marijuana strain works for MS? – Having asked plenty of patients with MS which strains work best for them, almost everyone claimed that a heavy indica is the best for this condition. You could definitely try any of the kushes and even Querkle is said to have phenomenal effects. If you want to not be knocked down then an Indica dominant hybrid would be the marijuana strain of choice.
  • How to use Medical Marijuana for MS – Obviously you can smoke it, which most people do, however vaporizing is also good if you need a quick effect. For a more intense effect it is recommended to smoke hash or consume essential hemp oils. But if you need to be out and about smoking or vaporizing might be difficult. In this case it is recommended that you make cookies, brownies or any other eatable you can take with you. When it comes to baked goods it is recommended to still remain Indica dominant, but also to level it out with a higher concentration of Sativa as brownies have a deeper long lasting effect. If you were to eat brownies with pure Indica you can expect to sleep like a baby.
  •  A normal life – Many patients suffering from MS have all come to the same conclusion. Consuming marijuana for their condition allows them to return back to normality. The horrific pain and muscle stiffness makes it impossible to go about your day. Usually MS patients will feel the effects of marijuana immediately after ingesting and the benefits stack each passing day.
As we said the perfect marijuana strain would be primarily Indica, but if you require some mobility try Indica dominant hybrids. If you’re suffering from MS be sure to ask the dispensary or caregiver for these types of strains.
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