Best Marijuana Strain for Pain Relief

Marijuana Strain for Pain Relief
Marijuana is a medicine. But unlike medicine created in a lab, marijuana can treat a wide array of illnesses and conditions. The medical marijuana industry has proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt. The question however is; which marijuana strain is best for pain relief? It is important to understand that marijuana comes in two main phenotype;  Sativa and Indica. Each of these main type of “strains” can help you for different reasons. Therefore this new section regarding which marijuana strain has the best effect on my illness or condition has been created.
  • Pain Relief – Marijuana as a whole can have a positive effect for pain relief but some strains are better than others. The marijuana strain phenotype that best works for pain of any kind is Indica. Indica normally provides a deeper narcotic sensation than Sativa. You’ll definitely feel a strong body sensation and in many cases will want to rest or sleep. This makes Indica the perfect strain for any type of pain relief. The stronger the potency of the individual strain is, the better the pain relief.
  • Which Indica Marijuana strain should I get – Many people find strains like Aurora indica too strong for their taste so depending on the level of pain you should choose accordingly. Most people find that Indica dominant hybrids do the trick just as well. It gives you the body numbing sensation but at the same time won’t knock your backside to the couch. You’ll definitely be safe with any of the Kushes and a lot of people like White Rhino for pain.
For serious chronic pain taking a high leveled Indica and making it into Essential Hemp oil is highly recommended. This method of ingesting marijuana is the most effective and can get up to the high 50% of THC content. As I mentioned, the more serious the pain, the higher you need the THC count. In the future marijuana strains will be catered to deal with specific illnesses, until then you should look at the market and find which marijuana strain works best for your specific condition. If you know of a specific strain that helps for your pain, why not help the community out and comment it below.
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