Best Marijuana Strain to Treat PMS

Marijuana Strain PMS Relief
It was said that Queen Elizabeth used cannabis to treat her PMS. Thus we decided to dig a bit deeper on what marijuana strain is best to treat PMS. We know that our female demographic will definitely find this article useful.
  • Statistics – Statistically speaking 75% of women suffer from PMS. The current standard treatment recommended by doctors consist of anti-depressants, pain killers, ambien and more that can have adverse side effects if taken regularly. In most cases this treatment is inadequate.
  • Marijuana and PMS – Marijuana works wonders against depression, a common side effect of PMS. It also helps with pain relief and insomnia. Patients that use marijuana to treat their symptoms generally find that cannabis is a far superior treatment
  • Marijuana Strain to Treat PMS – In order to not feel entirely sedated we recommend that you use a hybrid sativa dominant. Indicas can be used for pain relief while sativa will leave you energized. We recommend strains such as Hash Heaven and Ice as a good PMS treatment. The mix between sativa and indica should leave you energized yet relived of all pain, irritability and so on.
There are different methods to consume your medical marijuana. As we mentioned vaporizing is a good method if you wish to avoid combustion. You could also opt in to make cookies that you can eat periodically to maintain the effects of the marijuana strain. This is only recommended if you are suffering serious PMS related symptoms. If you live in a Medical marijuana state then ask your physician if you could obtain marijuana as a suitable treatment for PMS. Many women around the country have found great relief in a simple and organic fashion. Doctors all around the country are recognizing the medicinal properties of marijuana and as mentioned earlier, even royalty partook of its benefits. There is no more need to rely on harmful pharmaceutical drugs to relieve pain and depression. Now you can use this natural alternative that provides superior results. Remember to pick a marijuana strain that works for you, we suggest a hybrid marijuana strain, but in the end your body will indicate the right one.
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