Marijuana Strain for Strokes and Head Trauma

marijuana strain for strokes
We've heard the prohibitionists rant on about how smoking marijuana causes brain damage. It turns out though that marijuana consumption can have the opposite effect. In this section we’ll cover what marijuana strain works best for strokes and head trauma and the best methods of consumption.
  • Explaining the Phenomenon -  Strokes normally come from blood clots in the brain that obstructs the flow of blood and causes brain damage. Brain damage can set in within about 4 minutes after the circulation has been cut off. The National Institute of Mental Health claimed that THC and Cannabidiol are “neuro-saving” compounds and could eventually become standard in treating diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Marijuana also promotes neurogenesis in the hippocampus which helps with recovery from brain traumas.
  • What marijuana strain should I smoke for Strokes – It really comes down to whether you want to feel high or not. Both THC and Cannabidiol works for this condition although THC is the compound that makes you “high” whereas cannabidiol doesn’t. So in order to tell you exactly which marijuana strain to consume would be quite difficult. If you don’t want to feel too “doped” you should opt in for a hybrid sativa dominant. We believe any of the Haze family would do the trick which would leave you energetic and a cerebral “high” but not the narcotic effects of Indica.
  • A strange find – Before we conclude this section let’s talk about a peculiar case of a man who had a high speed accident on his motorcycle while not wearing his helmet. Martin Martinez suffered massive skull fractions and presented a lot of cranial swelling. The doctors noted that he didn’t have the expected amount of brain damage that one would expect with an accident of this magnitude. Martinez was a long term cannabis user. Cross referencing a plethora of tests and one could assume that cannabis can provide an “invisible helmet” in relation to head trauma.
Finding the right marijuana strain for your conditions can be a difficult task, especially since there are so many of them around. We hope that this at least provided insight for those suffering from stokes or head injuries that marijuana does indeed help you out.
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