Marijuana Strains to Treat Diabetes

Marijuana Strains to Treat Diabetes
A recent study released by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis found that medical marijuana can treat diabetes. Some marijuana strains are better to use when treating diabetes. The following article is dedicated to help you understand how and what medical cannabis does when treating diabetes.
  • What Medical Marijuana does – When it comes to diabetes the recommended marijuana strains are primarily indica dominant hybrids. You want hybrids in order to not get too “sedated” throughout the day. In summary Medical cannabis does the following to treat diabetes;
    • Stabilizes Blood Sugar
    • Anti-Inflamitory
    • Anti-Spasmodic
    • Helps improves blood circulation
    • Helps lower blood pressure
    • Neuroprotective
    • Stills Restless Leg Syndrome and promotes rest
    • Can be used as a topical cream on skin and sores
  • Best Methods of Consumption – As mentioned indica dominant hybrids are the best marijuana strains for the job. In terms of consumption it is best for you to use various different methods. For instance by merely substituting your regular oil and butter with marijuana oil and butter you’d already be doing wonders for your body. During the day you can ingest marijuana cookies and at night vaporizing or smoking is recommended.
  • Essential Hemp oil – With diabetes you can have sores break out on your skin. Apply a droplet of Indica dominant essential hemp oils directly on the sore and cover with a band aid. Change the band aid twice a day for best results. This will begin to heal the sores and restore proper circulation in the area.
  • Best Marijuana Strains for Diabetes – For day time use we recommend that you consume Big Buddha cheese which is a 60% Sativa – 40% Indica hybrid. This blend will not make you sleepy throughout the day. For night time use you could shift to more Indica dominance such as Blue Berry Haze (60% Indica- 40% Sativa).
There are many more marijuana strains that you can use to treat your diabetes. Hopefully we have provided a base line for you to explore in the wild world of medical cannabis. People have had phenomenal results with cannabis for treating diabetes.
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