Marijuana strains for Social Anxiety Disorder

Marijuana Strains for Social Anxiety
Some people suffer social anxiety when they have to interact with people they don’t know. This is actually quite normal. But there are some people where they’re social anxiety inhibits them to interact with society. There are a few marijuana strains that can help you if you suffer social anxiety.

Marijuana Strains and Social Anxiety

Most of you should be well aware that Marijuana comes in different shapes, sizes, smells and effects. For social Anxiety the type of medical marijuana you would want is of the Sativa phenotype. Sativa strains generally provide an energetic cerebral sensation. The euphoric sensation generally encourages people to seek social companionship, to express themselves. Thus the impulse to communicate trumps the sensation of anxiety and the patient begins to conquer his or her fears.

What Marijuana Strains should I use?

Drug Use Lgeal Argentina 150x150 Marijuana strains for Social Anxiety Disorder Now that you know about the effects of Sativas you probably are wondering what specific strain you should use. Depending on the severity of your social anxiety you should find an appropriate strength in THC content. You don’t want to over smoke/vaporize and feel paranoid or have the opposite of the desired effect. The idea would be to start with a mild dose and work your way up. You should also try to medicate alone before using it for social situations. This way you will understand the nature of the strain you are using. The strains we suggest you use are; Jack Herer and Herijuana. You could also work on Green Crack if your social anxiety is very sporadic however we suggest that you use Green Crack either in spray or vapor and to wait about 40 minutes before you decide to approach the great blue yonder. Social Anxiety is something that can limit a great number of people on reaching their true potential. Hopefully this little snippet of information helped you in deciding which strain is best for your condition. If you have any success stories, recipes or just want to let your voice be heard feel free to check out our Forums and Wiki sections.
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