Marijuana Tea – An Alternative to Smoking

Marijuana Tea
  As an alternative to smoking cannabis for medical marijuana use, sipping a nice cup of marijuana tea can be a splendid way to prepare for your day, unwind at the end of it, or just about anywhere in between. Cannabis tea can be made in several ways, typically using oil or alcohol based products to extract the THC from the plant. Marijuana tea can be specially tailored with other herbs and additives to obtain optimal taste and effect for many individual tastes. Many teas can be made by adding infused butter or milk to the tea, while others are made by simply brewing the plant itself and adding a binding agent to the water. The active compounds of interest persist throughout the plant, and it should be ground fine enough to provide adequate surface area for optimal extraction while leaving it intact enough that it doesn’t sneak through the filter material. Much like oil in Italian dressing, THC and its companion cannabinoids are non-polar molecules that bond poorly with polar liquids like water. To get around this, add some milk or alcohol to your brew to provide those non-polar molecules necessary to draw the THC and other cannabinoids from plant. Bear in mind that cannabinoids start to break down at a little more than 240 degrees F., so try not to let your tea rise above that temperature. Aside from a longer boiling time, prepare your marijuana tea as instructed.   If you happen to be cooking up a batch of cannabutter, the completion of this project awards an excellent opportunity for a nice cup of “green” tea.  After you get finished making a batch of marijuana butter, you can bag up the remaining plant material and set it to brew. Depending on cannabinoid content and how much moisture remains in the plant, tea made in this fashion can be either weak or strong. Although the butter is insoluble in water, boiling will eventually loosen the butter oil still on the plant, along with the active molecules that are bound to it. Adding a but of milk, cream, or alcohol makes extraction much more effective. While smoking may provide more of a mind-altering effect, those who don't partake can still enjoy a good cup of marijuana tea to provide substantial relief from chronic pain and stiffness, general anxiety, as well as many other ailments.      
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