Marijuana Tincture from Absynthe: Green Dragon Grows Fairy Wings

Marijuana tincture is a good way to medicate when smoking is not an option. For a period I found myself to be on the "not an option" side of the fence, so I started making my own. I experimented with tiny bottles of random alcohols before I decided to made a whole batch. For the final product, I decided to use the "green fairy", otherwise known as absynthe, an anise (licorice) –flavored alcohol intended to be mixed with water and sugar before consumption. The other herbs in the drink cause effects unlike those of other alcohols, so it seemed an obvious choice for me. Here is what I used:
  • 1L Kubler Absynthe
  • 1 oz. of buds (You can also use shake, trim, or any other plant parts. If you use these, you should use more material to compensate for the lower THC levels.)
  • A .5 gallon glass jar
  • A cool, dark place
Before you make a marijuana tincture, the plant material should be heated to activate the plant's latent THC molecules, or THCA. THCA is not a psychoactive compound until heat or time transforms it into THC, but too much heat can be a dangerous thing since cannabinoids begin to degrade in heats just over 240 degrees F. Accordingly, preheat your oven to 235° F.
  1. Grind the cannabis into pieces just large enough to catch in cheesecloth. The increased surface area of finely ground cannabis maximizes decarboxylation and optimizes extraction.
  2. Spread the cannabis on a baking sheet and heat for 20 minutes. At this point, about 99% of the plant's THCA has become active THC, and the cannabis is ready for the extraction.
  3. Combine cannabis and Absynthe into the jar.
  4. Give it a good shake to mix the contents well, and place it somewhere cool and dark. Light destroys THC, so if nothing else you can always cover the jar with something that keeps light out.
  5. Shake it well once day to stimulate the THC/alcohol binding process for the next few weeks. To check your progress, you can take small samples to check for potency.
  6. Whenever your extraction is ready, cover the opening of a large container with cheesecloth and slowly pour the mixture into the container through the cheesecloth filter.
Mixed with water, its characteristic white color is instead a beautiful jade color. The marijuana tincture can be stored in a dark place using the same jar. Drink to taste, keeping in mind the effects of marijuana ingestion. Enjoy responsibly.
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