Marijuana: Wonder Diet?

LWonMJdiet Marijuana: Wonder Diet?When people think of marijuana the last thing that comes to mind is weight loss. One of the most well known side effects of cannabis is the “munchies”, which makes weight loss for users seem unlikely to say the least. But according to a new Oxford study, recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, seems to have found a link between marijuana use and lower rates of obesity in more than 30% of marijuana users studied, when compared to the non-users.

The study was conducted by analyzing the data from two national surveys in the United States, more than 50,000 total participants, and the results for stunning. The two surveys had nearly identical findings with between 22% and 25% of non-smokers reported being obese with only between 14% and 17% of people who smoked at least three times a week. These were the numbers after adjusting for other factors such as age, gender, cigarette smoking and others.

Researchers were careful to point out that this data is extremely preliminary however. In the first place a lower rate of obesity does not suggest that you can use cannabis for weight loss. There are simply too many other possible factors to consider. Religion for instance can be large factors. In general highly religious people have higher rates of obesity, which could affect these numbers. Another factor is someone who is trying to break one habit, while picking up another to compensate. People who quit smoking are often plagued by sudden weight gain. Another factor is people who use marijuana for medical reasons.might is suffering from something that causes weight loss and are stimulating their appetite with cannabis.


If you want to learn how to get medical marijuana in California this might be a way to approach your doctor for a prescription and with states legal marijuana laws, such as Colorado and Washington, it is not necessary. But marijuana research seldom lacks surprises. There is one possibility that has yet to be considered in this particular line of research. Along with THC, which stimulates the appetite, cannabis also contains cannabinoids which might act as a counter to the THC, repressing its ability to stimulate the appetite in certain people. This could be great news for people for people living in states with legal marijuana laws, like Colorado and Washington State. There is still a great deal of research to do in this area and many other promising areas dealing with marijuana. It has only been during the last 2 decades that the plant medicinal benefits have begun to be studied. All research before that was directed at proving that it was somehow dangerous. While we might not be looking at the next wonder diet drug, cannabis has already taken its place in medical history.
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