Maui Waui

Medical Pot
  Origin and Growth- Maui Waui is a Sativa dominant strain with about a 15% THC content. Flowering time take about eight to ten weeks and flowering time for outdoor growers is sometime in late September to Early October and produces a relatively moderate yield. This particular strain has been around since the 1960’s and can say that it has “served billions”. The Senses- Looks quite a bit like out Sour Diesel counterpart. Has a nice pine and citrus smell and it’s green bud is a bit darker than that of some of the lime green that we have encountered in the past. Have different dark tones of purples, browns and greens. The taste is faintly floral and with a piney earthy finish. Medical Use and Effects- has much of the same medicinal use of Sour Diesel. Helps patients who suffer from stress and high anxiety. Furthermore, this particular strain is also a good candidate for cancer patients as it is known to aid cancer patients with the key side effects of chemotherapy: lack of appetite, depression, and pain. This strain can also make the user feel uplifted and euphoric with feelings of energy. Furthermore, it also gives feelings of happiness and creativity. Of course, it also carries with it the side effects of dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, headaches and some bouts of dizziness, depending on the users tolerance. Maui Waui is a great strain and many patients say that it is great for people with chronic pain and stress. A very good strain that is session-able, considering the blend of Sativa and Indica. The strain will NOT knock you on your ass and keep you there, allowing you to have a relatively productive night with a nice little buzz that will taper off after about two and a half to three hours.   234x60 Maui Waui
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