Medical Cannabis to Treat Alzheimer’s

Medical Cannabis To Treat Alzheimer's
Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease and there are currently very little treatments to help prevent or treat the disease effectively. The source of the disease is still unknown although a certain peptide called amyloid-beta. A 2005 study in Spain suggests that medical cannabis might prove to be helpful in treating and maybe even reversing some of the effects of Alzheimer’s.
  • The 2005 Study – In the study scientists used a synthetic cannabinoid WIN 55, 212-2 within rats and discovered that it reduced neurotoxicity and also helped decrease inflammation within the brain. Other studies also suggest that cannabis may help develop neuronal growth which could be a key factor to making this degenerative disease a thing of the past.
  • Medical Cannabis Consumption method – Since Alzheimer’s is generally contracted by people 65 and older it is wise to understand that their metabolism will be slower than a younger patient. Thus in the case of a disease such as Alzheimer’s essential hemp oils are recommended although when a patient finds him or herself in a severe condition smooth hits from a vaporizer could be used to relax the patient.
  • What Medical Cannabis strain to use for Alzheimer’s – One would have to cater to the specific needs of the patient in order to recommend a strain. In most cases a 60%-40% Indica Dominant is recommended in order to ease inflammation and promote relaxation. A high concentration of THC is required and thus in our opinion the best strain for Alzheimer’s is Critical Mass. Attempt to find some of this medical cannabis both in bud form and in essential hemp oils. You could opt in for 100% Indica for the essential hemp oil as this will be ingested twice in the day in the form of capsules.
Medical cannabis is said to be able to treat up to 200 diseases. With evidence like this piling up, how is it possible that pot is placed in the same category as heroin? Does heroin help fight cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Anorexia, Depression, Anxiety, Stress…you know what…the list is too long.
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