Medical Cannabis to treat Drug Addiction

Medical Cannabis to Treat Drug Addiction
For more than 100 years medical cannabis has been used in addiction recovery treatment. Does this surprise you? According to the Federal government marijuana is a Schedule I drug along with Heroin. But as it turns out cannabis can actually help you kick that heroin monkey right off your back.
  • Medical Cannabis in the Past -  Marijuana, despite what “the man” will tell you is not habit forming. There are a small percentage of people who do become dependent on marijuana but that same group of people can fall subject to sex addiction, exercise addiction and so forth. In essence they already have addictive personalities. There are no scientific or medical evidence to support the claim that marijuana is habit forming.
  • Medical Cannabis and Alcoholism -  a 2009 Study published in BioMed Central showed how people with past addictions used cannabis to control their craving. The study found that out of the test group roughly 40% used marijuana to control their cravings for alcohol, 66% used it as a replacement for prescription drugs and 26% for other controlled substances. With statistics like these it is no wonder that Pharmaceutical companies are opposed to marijuana legalization.
  • What about the Gate Way Theory? – Oh yes people, the Gate way theory is now the Gate Way Fallacy. In fact frequent cannabis use generally does the opposite and reduces the risks of doing harder drugs. Many medical cannabis users say that because of smoking they cut back their drinking habits and in some cases completely give drinking all together. The same is true for people using addictive pain medication.
When you do the research and you cut through all the lies you find out that the only reason why marijuana remains illegal is because there are many special interest groups who stand to lose billions. Thanks to medical cannabis the paradigm of lies are finally lifting. As the political environment continues to change in favor of marijuana, we will see more truth surface. If you suffer from alcoholism, you need to understand that it is a disease and that medical cannabis is a suitable treatment.
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