Medical Cannabis and the LD-50

Medical Cannabis LD50
We hear the government exclaim that medical cannabis is dangerous and could cause serious harm to individuals who smoke it. This is quite interesting as their own studies indicate the exact opposite. For those of you who do not know what the LD-50 stands for allow me to explain. LD-50 essentially refers to when 50% of test animals died due to toxicity of a substance in their bodies. In other words, this is that magical death number when half of all test subjects die from an overdose. So let’s look a bit closer at what the LD-50 is for marijuana shall we?
  • Medical Cannabis LD-50 – Nixon ordered scientists to study the effects of cannabis in hopes of finding the key information to defer the US public from marijuana use. After the scientists came back in 1970-1971 they found that killing someone with pot is a lot harder than anticipated. At first they couldn't find the LD-50 for medical cannabis and eventually speculated it to be between 1:20,000 and 1:40,000. What this means is that in order to overdose on marijuana your organism would need to ingest 20,000 to 40,000 joints within a fifteen minute period. This would be equivalent of about 1500 pounds in the same amount of time.
  • LD-50 of other substances – Ok so now that we have established that it is highly improbable to overdose on marijuana, let’s take a look at things that aren’t Schedule I and can kill you much quicker.
    • Aspirin – 200g / 180 lbs.
    • Alcohol - .40%-.50% Blood/alcohol  would classify as LD50. Roughly 6 drinks an hour for an 180 lbs. man for 4 consecutive hours. Note: This isn't definitive as people who have been drinking build up tolerance. This would be true for someone who has never drank alcohol before.
    • Coffee-  1.9 lbs. for a 150 lbs. man
    • Nicotine – 60-100 mg/ kg for someone who hasn't ever smoked. Smokers also build up tolerance and the more you smoke the more you can handle.
Out of all these substances listed above, medical cannabis is the only one that doesn't kill you. The rest, including coffee has a reachable LD50. The question we must ask ourselves is that if marijuana is the safest of these drugs, why is it listed alongside heroin?  
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