The Origins and Journey of Medical Cannabis – What They Don’t Want You to Know

While the debate about medical cannabis seems to be one of modern times, many are surprised to find out that this is not the truth at all.  The truth is that the origins of medical marijuana date back further than any of us can grasp in our minds.  So why is it made to seem like this is a new debate?  Maybe because the federal government doesn’t want you to realize that at many points in history, the concept of medical marijuana was not even a debate, but rather a generally accepted medical treatment.  And in fact, marijuana was even widely accepted for recreational use.  This is all information that the public must access on their own, because the government doesn’t want you to know the truth. So, the next time you hear somebody offering up an argument against marijuana that is completely inaccurate and full of conjecture fed into the debate by the government, there are a few things that you can tell them about what they don’t know about marijuana.
  1. Cannabis Has Been Being Used for Medicinal Purposes Since 2737 B.C. – Long before marijuana was ever even used for recreational purposes it was being used as medicine.  Evidence of medicinal use dates back as far as 2737 B.C. when Shen Neng was Emperor of China, so the next time someone says there hasn’t been enough research tell them to put that in their pipe and smoke it.
  2. Past Presidents Have Openly Grown and/or Smoked Marijuana – Numerous past presidents, and the current one, have admitted or been known to smoke or grow marijuana, and not just for medicinal purposes either.  Kennedy was known to use it for back pain and Washington was known to use it for pain caused by his teeth, but Carter is actually thought to have held events inside the White House that included marijuana and Jefferson is reported to have given out his own homegrown bud as gifts!
  3. Many Americans Believe That Marijuana Should Be Legal – Recent Gallop Polls have shown overwhelming support for legalization of marijuana.  In fact, nearly half of the United States thinks that the drug should be legal for recreational purposes, and there is even more support for medical cannabis.
The marijuana debate is not a new one, but the illegalization of the drug is a travesty of modern times and epic proportions.  The debate can be won, though, if we commit to spreading the truth about marijuana.
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