Medical Cannabis for Relationships

Medical Cannabis For Relationships
It might sound like a ludicrous statement but the reality of the situation is that medical cannabis is a very good medicine for helping with interpersonal relationship building. There are many people having trouble with their marriages, family relationships and work relationships. Find out how cannabis can help these people just “get along”. Medical Cannabis effects Generally when people smoke marijuana they become more “tolerant” of things around them. In fact the US government claimed at some point that smoking marijuana would make you too docile to fight the communists and tried to link communism to cannabis. It is true however that people under the influence of cannabis become more willing to listen, they become slow to anger and more patient with those around them. The general sense of euphoria also helps them control their emotional state enough to be able to process what is being said to them. The problem with relationships Have you ever heard the expression; “you have two ears and one mouth, use them accordingly”. People in today’s society do not tend to listen. When someone speaks most people are simply waiting for their turn to speak and no one ever really listens. Cannabis use increases empathy which essentially is the skill to “read other people”. To know what is on the “heart and mind” of another person or to connect on an emotional level is what we refer to as empathy. Medical Cannabis Relationship Treatment Even though it is still incredibly experimental the use of drugs for relationship therapy isn’t something new. Ecstasy was originally invented as a Couple’s therapy drug in Germany that was until it was used as a party drug. With proper psychological therapy, or a guided therapy a couple would be able to use cannabis to lower personal defenses and increase empathy. With the right mixture of cannabis one would be able to break down those walls we erect to protect our fragile hearts and allow others to participate with our lives. As we discover more medical benefits of medical cannabis we’ll begin to see many more psychological treatment plans arise. Cannabis works incredibly well for anxiety, depression and PTSD and eventually will become a psychiatrist or psychologist’s best ally.
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