Medical Cannabis for Tourette’s Syndrome

Medical cannabis tourette's
Tourette’s is a condition that alienates the patient from the rest of society. In turn Tourette’s patients suffer depression and anxiety as a result. Medical cannabis has proven to lower the outbursts of Tourette’s. Medical Cannabis and Tourette’s – TS, despite what movies depict is a difficult disorder that causes a patient to have spasms or tics. In some cases these involuntary spasms can harm the patient or those around him/her. In the United States there are roughly 100,000 people diagnosed with TS. Some of the earliest studies with TS and cannabis originated in 1977 in Germany where the doctors found that patients who ingested THC had a lower ratio of tics post consumption as those who didn’t. In 2003 another test was conducted where some patients obtained a placebo while others obtained THC. The study concluded that the patients who ingested medical cannabis had much lower tics than those who took the placebo. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry commented on these findings and supported the use of medical cannabis in treating Tourette’s. Best Medical Cannabis strain – You will definitely need something with a high THC and CBD ratio but since most of the studies were based on THC if you can’t find a high CBD strain, it’s okay. Green Crack is a definite winner in the THC percentage as well as Jack Herer. Sativa dominants are suggested here to work with depression and anxiety as well. Best method of consumption – Vaporizing your medical cannabis should be the best method of ingestion. You could also opt in for baked goods in order to prolong the effects of the THC in your system. The problem with baked goods is that you could become more medicated than expected and thus vapor is the best consumption method. When you feel a tic coming along simply take enough hits until you feel the cannabis in your body. Medical Cannabis has therapeutic properties and can treat up to 200 diseases and conditions. Tourette’s sufferers will find that cannabis will give them their lives back, control the tics and make life in general much more bearable.
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