Medical Cannabis has no effect on Teen White Brain tissue

Medical Cannabis
In a recent study with teens and marijuana scientists have discovered no effect on teenage brains and cannabis use. Many people fear that medical cannabis adversely affects the developing brains of teenagers especially due to that ultra-hyped propaganda article relating to cannabis use and IQ reduction in teens. This new study conducted by US San Diego found that unlike alcohol and tobacco, white brain tissue health is unaffected by cannabis use in teens.
  • What is White Brain Tissue health? – Before we dive into medical cannabis let’s look at what the white brain tissue is all about. Before scientists believed that this was pretty passive within our brains but soon they discovered that white brain tissue actively affects how the brain learns and dysfunctions. In essence the lack of this substance could indicate whether a person would be more inclined to abuse substances if the subject has a deficiency.
  • Medical Cannabis is not the issue – So now let’s look at medical cannabis for one second. Prohibitionists want you to believe that the youth will perish and wither away because of legalized marijuana. It turns out however that alcohol and nicotine diminishes white brain tissue health meaning it increases the chances of going on to harder drugs. So yes, we did prove the gate way theory…for alcohol! The lack of white brain tissue will dictate whether the subject will be more willing to engage in “riskier” activities such as doing cocaine, getting into a bar fight or behind the wheel of a car. On the contrary medical cannabis has absolutely no effect on this aspect of the brain in teenagers.
  • Not all Cannabis is alike – I’m not saying “pot is ten times stronger than back in the day” because that is utter crap. There has always been cannabis that had stronger potency than others. But not all pot is alike. Some pot are made by people who throw chemicals on it to cover smell, contains fungus, isn't properly cured etc. Cannabis use is safe, but the chemicals added by cartels looking to make some serious dough, well that’s another story.
Medical Cannabis is safe, it’s better than chemo for children, it’s better than alcohol and tobacco for teens. I’m not saying nor promoting teen use, I’m just saying if you would have to find your kid lying in a puddle of urine and vomit with an empty bottle of Jack or a baggy of reefer which would you prefer? Yes most probably neither, but medical cannabis is still much safer than the bottle of Jack a million times over.
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