Medical Marihuana for Bipolar Disorder

Medical Marihuana for Bipolar
In a recent study they found some peculiar results with medical marihuana and patients suffering from bi-polar disorder.  A team from The Zucker Hillside in NY discovered that patients using medical marihuana performed better with attention tests, processing speed and working memory than their “non-smoking” counterparts.
  • Marijuana and the Brain – Contrary to “un-popular” belief marijuana does not cause brain damage. Unlike Alcohol and Nicotine marijuana actually promotes neurogenesis in the hippocampus which in essence is the area where memory, anxiety, depression and emotions all form. Bipolar disorder in essence is an imbalance in the chemistry within the brain that can induce manic episodes within the patient. Marijuana also contains neuro-controllers which helps to maintain the anxiety and depression levels within patients diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.
  • No significant differences – Popular Psychiatric publications have now officially stated that there is not a really big difference between cognitive functionality between cannabis smokers and non-cannabis smokers once the effects of cannabis had worn off. On the other hand when they did the tests on people with bipolar I they found that those who consumed medical marihuana in fact did better on these cognitive tests debunking the “stupid stoner” paradigm.
  • The Future of Mental health – How many other drugs are being withheld from the public because of this stupid drug war. Apart from Medical Marihuana what else is there? John Hopkins started doing experiments on magic mushrooms and found that they could almost cure depression in dying patients. I’m not saying that all drugs are good, that would be stupid, but I am saying that this blanket ban on psychedelic drugs have forced us to ignore these variables when looking for medical answers.
Medical marihuana is a proven medicine and has plenty of therapeutic benefits for humans. Due to the nature of marijuana and its relationship with the lymphatic system and the endocannabinoid system we’ll only discover more as time passes. Some doctors even go as far as to call cannabis a vegetable that should be included in our staple diet. As medical marihuana opens the flood gates to “open-minded” research in other potential wonder drugs. One can only hope.
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