Medical Marihuana – A worthwhile investment?

Medical Marihuana
It is no surprise that medical marihuana became such a hot topic especially after two states legalized in mid-November. Yet even as the political climate surrounding the topic and even though many activists are hopeful about the future of cannabis, there are a few aspects to consider before sparking up that victory joint.
  • Resistance to Medical Marihuana – Currently there aren't any official stocks other than “over-the-counter” shares by a few cannabis companies. If you were to study their trends you’ll find that their stocks aren't too solid and in some cases the companies are going under. But one of the companies that are doing decently well is a pharmaceutical company called GW Pharmaceuticals; the producers of Sativex. It seems that these guys are currently talking with the FDA trying to approve their medication in the states. If passed obviously their stock prices will jump quite quickly. But we must also take into consideration that Big Pharma will want to secure a place within the medical marihuana market prior to full scale legalization. Thus any premature legalization efforts not thought out well will most likely obtain a lot of resistance.
  • Medical Marihuana gold mines – Now maybe on the public sector these business might not be a viable option as of yet but that’s merely because of the infancy of the cannabis market. The legalization efforts have only recently passed and more states are opting in for medical marihuana programs. The first wave of success will come from dispensaries, clinics and strains. The market will first have to legitimize itself on the basic medical marijuana model. After which people will begin to transition into recreational marijuana and finally industrial. If you want to invest into the marijuana industry the medical aspect will be the first big ticket.
Medical marihuana is on the verge of entering a huge boom and legalization will occur on a State to state level. The moment someone figures out to make a trustworthy cannabis trading market place you can expect the cannabis market to explode. For now, success will be measured on a business to business scale so keep your eyes open for promising dispensaries or treatment clinics opening near you.
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