Medical Marihuana and Kids

Even though “marihuana” has been being used for medical purposes for hundreds of years, it is just recently becoming accepted in society again.  Today it is widely realized that medical marihuana can provide numerous benefits for people with all different types of conditions, but the talk about marijuana as a medical treatment is most often associated with adults.  And if you mentioned marihuana as a treatment for children you would probably get quite a few shocked and appalled looks aimed your way. But why can’t marihuana be used to treat certain conditions suffered by children?  The fact is, it can be!  But before we can convince much of the world we must first debunk a few myths about what marihuana will do to kids. Medical Marihuana and Kids – 3 Myths
  • Marihuana is Not Safe for Kids – Marihuana has yet to be found to be any less safe for children as a medical treatment than for adults.  Although the American Academy of Pediatrics is still against treating children with medical marihuana, the only possible negatives they can site as of yet have to do with development.  For parents with children that will not live a normal life due to a medical condition anyway, this is not a valid argument against medical marihuana.
  • Kids Treated with Marihuana Will Get Addicted – Another myth regarding kids and marihuana for medical treatment is that they will get addicted.  But what these people who believe this are not considering is the fact that many kids who are taking marihuana, particularly those that are very young, do not even know what they’re taking.  All they know is that they are getting relief like they would from any other, more addictive, medication.
  • Kids Must Smoke Marihuana to be Treated With It – Finally, it is important to point out that kids treated with marihuana do not smoke it.  Medical marihuana actually comes in numerous different forms that do not need to be smoked.  Kids receiving treatment are usually given it in the form of a capsule, and they are even flavored like any other children’s medicine.
Treating children with marihuana may be a new concept in the minds of many, but the fears of those who don’t want to learn the truth should not keep children in need from what could be very helpful medication.  If your child is suffering, find out if marihuana could be the answer.
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