Medical Marijuana – A clever lie?

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As marijuana continues to gain fame in the public sphere a number of questions are surfacing. Some people claim that medical marijuana was nothing more than a clever ploy for full scale pot legalization. They’re using the Colorado medical marijuana industry to justify this claim. Some people claim that “addicts” are faking pain in order to obtain a legal recommendation of marijuana. This claim, in other words, is saying that the now 18 states that have medical marijuana programs are all involved on this well organized stoner conspiracy. According to some people (Ed Gogek from the New York Times) most of the participants are there because of pain and because of this reason alone, presumably are all liars. He then continues to bash down on cannabis science and objective peer review while clenching to his government funded studies. The same government that supported claims like; “Marijuana will make you violent and/or slutty”. (They never really stuck to one claim) So is medical marijuana really medical?
  • Medical marijuana and cancer – Good old Ed wants us to believe that marijuana has no real medicinal value. He says that “stoners” have created new diseases that marijuana can treat. Also that addicts use pain as their scapegoat disease. Yet this doesn’t mean that marijuana has no medicinal properties. If good old Ed studied the endocannabinoid system he would understand that the neuro-controllers within cannabis help with pain relief and pain tolerance. Any type of pain can be treated with marijuana. It is real science Ed…do yourself a favor and Google it.
  •  Medical marijuana in the past – Ed could also do himself a favor by visiting the DEA hall of fame. They have cannabis based medicine on display there. The history of marijuana is filled with medicinal remedies and even the Queen of England used it for menstrual cramps. I wonder what Rick Simpson would have to say to Ed.
Ed Gogek might be an addiction psychiatrist but that doesn't mean that he is right. All of these apparent studies that he is siting are not trying to prove that medical marijuana has medicinal properties but rather the opposite. Finally, addiction treatment is a multi-billion dollar industry so tell me if he’s saying these things from an objective point of view or if he has incentive to sway the truth in his favor?
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