Medical Marijuana strain to treat Anorexia

Marijuana Strain for Anorexia
There is an estimated 8 million people suffering from eating disorders. Anorexia is a disorder where the patient starves him or herself for a variety of reasons depending on the patient. Medical marijuana has proven to stimulate appetite in cancer patients and AIDS patients and could possibly help with Anorexia as well.
  • Medical Marijuana and AIDS – One of the reasons medical marijuana became legal was due to AIDS human rights groups that found that marijuana helped stimulate appetite. Even after cannabis treatment was stopped the effects of the treatment prevailed and patients continued to eat. The same was true for cancer patients undergoing chemo.
  • Anorexia – Anorexia is not a similar to Cancer and AIDS. It is a mental disorder and require specialized care in order to treat. It is said that only 30-40% of people diagnosed with anorexia will recover from it and within the first ten years 5%-10% of diagnosed anorexics will die and 18%-20% in the decade thereafter. The approach to dealing with Anorexia requires psychological treatment as well if the patient wishes to effectively manage the condition.
  • Medical Marijuana and Anorexia – As mentioned before we still would require to do plenty of clinical trials before marijuana can be deemed as an effective medication for anorexia but there certainly exist enough evidence to commence such inquiries. It is a scientific fact that marijuana does stimulate appetite. Cannabis users refer to this state as the “munchies”. An effective psychological treatment plan with a stable dosage of Sativa would most probably prove highly effective in treating these types of disorders.
  • What Medical Marijuana strain to use – If you need apetitie stimulation you could try a few approaches. Sativa is generally for these types of conditions as it will also induce a heightened state of euphoria. Anorexia usually is accompanied by depression as well and thus sativa would be the ideal choice. Any type of Sativa dominant hybrid or pure sativa should do the trick. The best method would be through essential hemp oils or tablets where one can control the dosage to the milligram.
Medical Marijuana is opening a completely new chapter in both the medical and the psychological world. As the status of the drug drop in terms of federal scheduling we’ll finally be able to open Pandora’s Healthy Box of Goodies; Aka. Cannabis
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