Medical Marijuana – Why Big Pharma hates it

Medical Marijuana Big Pharma
By now most of the people reading these blogs understand that medical marijuana is a good, safe drug. We have thousands of years of evidence to support our beliefs and years of practical experience with the plant. But for some reason, despite the fact that the majority of Americans are okay with cannabis, the government still maintains its ridiculous prohibition.
  • Puppets on a String - I hate to break it to you but your politicians are bought by wealthy special interest groups investing billions of dollars on Capitol Hill to pass laws that benefit the few. Not all politicians are puppets but you’d be surprised to see how many of them are. As popularity with medical marijuana grows you’ll see more politicians “come out of the cannabis closet” and reveal their sudden support for the sticky icky.
  • Why Pharma hates it – Now we understand why the laws don’t change and it’s because of these special interest groups. One of the big gang leaders of these special interest groups is Big Pharma. Recent studies found that ¾ of medical marijuana patients use marijuana as a substitute for their conventional pharmaceutical drugs. It seems that patients find the therapeutic healing powers of cannabis much more beneficial to their health over the magnesium and sulfur basing in their “approved medicines”. Most patients also found that medical marijuana provides phenomenal relief without any of the harmful side effects of these little pills.
  • Medical Marijuana Market – As more states continue with their legalization efforts the medical marijuana market will only continue to grow. As more patients realize that they too can heal themselves without harmful medication the market share in medicine for Big Pharma will decline drastically. Once people realize that there are alternatives to “conventional lab medicine” the cat will be let out of the proverbial bag.
Medical marijuana is the beginning of a new organic approach to medicine where people will promote health as opposed to merely attempting to “treat the symptom”.
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