Medical Marijuana and the battle against Big Pharma

Medical Marijuana and the Shafer Commision
How many times have you heard that medical marijuana is nothing but a farce? I have heard it time and time again and always wonder that if marijuana was actually so dangerous; why aren't sick people dying from its use? People with terminal cancer actually get better when smoking marijuana, the same goes for people with MS and Aids. How is it then that Medical Marijuana is a farce when 16 years of legal marijuana says differently?
  • Is Marijuana Dangerous? – Since Nixon first ignored the Shafer Commission that stated that they found nothing “dangerous” about the drug and since Reagan intensified the drug war we have been separated from truth. The FDA only permits marijuana tests if it is “against” marijuana. There are no real objective studies coming from your government which means that most of the information and statistics should be ignored.
  • Medical Marijuana – The biggest opponent to marijuana is the pharmaceutical industry. Why? Roughly 80% of their business comes from cancer related products which means if Cannabis has the ability to kill cancer cells, wouldn't you rather grow your medicine than take outdated Chemo medicine. Have checked when these medicines were made and tested last? Some of them goes as far back as the 70’s. Chemo kills 2/3rd of the people it is supposed to cure, Cannabis kills none. Cannabis allows the patient to stomach the poison that is chemo. If legalized we would definitely see that Big Pharma stand to lose a lot.
  • Other diseases? – Marijuana doesn't just work on Cancer, it also does wonders for patients on MS, AIDS, Chronic pain, Eating disorders and so forth. It is speculated that cannabis can treat up to 200 diseases and medical conditions making it a superior choice over what Pharma can offer.
People I know would much rather grow an organic substance to treat their diseases and conditions than dish out thousands of dollars for something that statistically will kill them more than it will save them (chemo). Medical Marijuana shouldn't be ignored because the government classified it alongside heroin. Rather we should force the government to allow public scrutiny and testing on the plant in order to get the truth. Right now there is so much speculation and hogwash…it’s not even funny.
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