The Importance of the Safekeeping of Medical Marijuana Cards

medical marijuana2 The Importance of the Safekeeping of Medical Marijuana CardsThe laws involving medical marijuana cards vary from one state to the next but there are general guidelines that every medical marijuana card holder should abide by in order to protect themselves and their right to their own medicine.  The purpose of the card is to identify an individual as a medical marijuana patient, and distinguish them from the average pot aficionado.  It will offer a degree of protection from the local law, although at this point in time the feds are still a concern.  Either way, medical marijuana cards show that people are using marijuana for whatever illness they are suffering from, rather than for recreational use.  And there are a few things you should know about that sacred little card if you have one or are planning to get one.
  • Every Medical Marijuana User Does Not Have to Have a Card – Medical marijuana cards are not required in all states.  In those that do not require a card, such as California, it is still necessary to have documentation of your need for medical marijuana in the form of a doctor’s statement.  In those where a card is necessary or for those that prefer to have the card, it is important to keep it safe.
  • There Will Likely Be a Fee to Pay for Replacing Your Lost Card – If a medical marijuana card is lost, stolen, or destroyed there will likely be a fee for replacing the card.  Even in states where there is no fee charged for the initial card, there may be a fee for a replacement.
  • Cards Can Be Replaced but You May Go without Medicine While Waiting for a New One – The worst thing about going without your card in a state that requires them is that you may end up going without medicine while you are in the process of replacing your card.  If you’re suffering from an ailment that is greatly relieved by using marijuana this is not good news.
The legalization of medical marijuana is something that many of us have been waiting a very long time for, which is why we have to obey the privilege and keep those sacred medical marijuana cards safe.  The Importance of the Safekeeping of Medical Marijuana Cards
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