Medical Marijuana For Children – Is it safe?

Medical Marijuana for Chidlren
We have by now all heard from both sides of the table that in Oregon there is a little seven year old girl using medical marijuana for her leukemia. Some people however are raising an eye to the fact that a patient so young is ingesting cannabis. The question on everyone’s mind is; “is medical marijuana safe for children?
  • Current Cancer Treatment – It’s weird that people are concerned about the child’s health when it comes to cannabis, but won’t lose a wink of sleep over the fact that she is being bombarded with chemo. Chemo kills 2/3rds of the people it is supposed to save and has terrible side effects such as nausea, loss of appetite and so on. It’s a terrible ordeal for the patient. Chemotherapy is fairly an “old” medicine originally discovered in the 1950’s. In addition to this there hasn't been many “scientific advances” regarding this specific treatment. The discovery of other cancer treatment drugs in itself however has become a multi-billion dollar industry.
  • Effects of Medical Marijuana – It is now medically accepted that cannabis is a treatment for nausea. In addition to this marijuana also helps control pain, provides an appetite and helps the patient feel better. It’s strange that prohibitionists would deny a child this relief when her seven year old body must fight off cancer and radiation. Some studies also suggest that at a cellular level THC causes the cancer cell to consume itself. With all of these benefits and no real physiological dangers from cannabis consumption, why deny this relief to the young patient?
Marijuana prohibition is not truly founded in science or reason but is purely based on superstition and moral intolerance. If you trace it back to its origins, marijuana prohibition was based purely on greed. Medical marijuana has redefined the way we look at cannabis. It can be used for recreational purposes, but as a medicine it is some of the finest in the world. Nobody should be denied relief from a relatively safe drug to treat the side effects and potentially reverse the effects of the cancer in itself, when chemo is considered “standard protocol”. Where did our humanity go?
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