How to use Medical Marijuana for your Disease or Condition

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For almost two decades now the use of medical marijuana in various US states has been made legal. Many people do find that marijuana helps with a wide array of conditions and diseases. But how do you get the absolute best out of your medical marijuana? Would the different methods of consumption have a different effect on you?
  • Smoking – The most common method of consumption is through smoking. Smoking is okay if you don’t have any respiratory issues but will definitely be a problem if you do. Smoking is probably the easiest method of consumption and is good for when you need to light up quickly and hassle free. You can either smoke in a pipe, joint or bong. This method will help you best with quick relief and should be used for anxiety, panic attacks, lack of appetite and so on.
  • Eating – For those of you that do have respiratory problems you’ll probably be using the eating method. Take note that the marijuana will affect you for a longer period of time and you’ll have a deeper narcotic feeling. This method is good for pain, muscle spasms, insomnia and so forth. Obviously preparation will take some time but it’s definitely worth it if you are suffering from pain.
  • Vaporizing – A better alternative to smoking with a more “natural” effect. You do need vaporizers for this to work and it can cost you anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars. You can check out our store for a few options.
  • Essential Hemp oils – The mother of medicines according to Rick Simpson. Essential hemp oil is medical marijuana in its most potent form. This is used to cure serious illnesses such as; diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis and much more. With this you could vaporize, smoke or eat. The best method is to take one drop in the morning and one in the evening to not feel “high” and get optimal medical benefits.
Medical Marijuana has shaped the way we deal with some of the most horrific diseases out there. No longer do patients need to suffer and wither away; Medical Marijuana has changed the game forever.
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