Medical Marijuana – What’s wrong with the Controlled Substance Act?

book1 Medical Marijuana   Whats wrong with the Controlled Substance Act?

Hindering Research is like Burning Books

According the Federal Government Marijuana holds no medical value and has a high potential for abuse. We have heard this argument about medical marijuana time and time again. Let me repeat the statement one more time; "Marijuana holds no medical value and has a high potential for abuse". What does Schedule I mean? Marijuana is classified on the same level as heroin, peyote, DMT, crack, Meth etc. What this essentially means is that the drug is "so dangerous" that even research is forbidden. Really? If something is so dangerous and so potentially harmful to mankind, wouldn't we want to research the hell out of it? Regardless of the fact that marijuana does indeed have medical value and despite the fact that it is almost impossible to OD on marijuana, this governing clause has maintained this plant in the dark for more than 40 years. The DEA controls what drugs are placed on this list and in which category. The FDA must ask permission from the DEA in order to grant funds for research on thus said drug. Since marijuana is deemed "too dangerous for research" this means that any attempt to obtain government permission is automatically stonewalled. The Failure of Inquiry is Institutionalized Ignorance Currently there is a bill being introduced HR 689,  by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) which would reclassify marijuana along with other prescription drugs on a Federal level. What this would do is limit the Federal Government's ability to interfere with marijuana research and more importantly with States that opt in for either a recreational or medical marijuana program. What this would do is repeal the federal prohibition of marijuana allowing further research on the plant to occur. The current approach to marijuana from the Federal government is childish at best. To cover your eyes and ear holes won't make a problem go away. By stonewalling research you will not reduce the medicinal properties of marijuana, you'll only enrage those who are in desperate need of cannabis and its healing powers. But while we might get lost in the argument of drug scheduling there is a factor most are missing. The Federal government has not only placed a ban on the substance, but on the research as well. This means that the government is purposely attempting to institutionalize ignorance surrounding these drugs. They are not allowing scientific or medical inquiry to occur and basically is telling the country "Trust us, it's for your best intentions". There is nothing as dangerous to society than ignorance. If anything should be illegal it should be things like; burning books, hindering research on medicine and promoting federally sanctioned lies that ultimately hurt society far worse than any of these drugs could ever do.  
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