How to cure your Medical Marijuana “The Basics”

Medical Marijuana
Growing medical marijuana isn't all that difficult to do, curing on the other hand requires a bit more skill and finesse. It’s best to use glass jars when you want to properly cure your marijuana and will require proper drying before the curing process starts.
  • Drying your Medical marijuana – After harvest you need to dry your bud. You can hang the plants upside down and provide enough ventilation in order to avoid mold from appearing. Your plant will lose most of its weight over two to three days. Before putting it into the glass jar your bud should be at the point where it burns well within a joint but not at optimal level, in other words “still slightly on the sticky side”.
  • Placing your Medical Marijuana in glass jars – You’ll want to fill the jar up to the top and eliminate as much excess air as you can. Be sure to leave a small space on top for some air to flow through. You’ll also need some moisture in order to eliminate some of the chlorophyll. The trick is to find the right mixture of moisture and air to allow aerobic bacteria to consume the chlorophyll while not spreading throughout the rest of the jar.
  • When you over-cured – The best way to cure would be to divide your harvest into several “stashes” and cure them in separate glass jars. You want to do this in order not to “over-cure” your pot. Medical marijuana that has been “cured” too much will have a smell of ammonia. You can pretty much dump this weed since it will be ruined. Start off with weekly “smell checks” but don’t open them too much since you want to allow the bacteria to do its job.
Medical marijuana requires a lot of attention to detail and knowing the ins and outs of curing. This essentially will be the skill you need to master to refine the potency of your harvest. We’ll jump into more detailed tutorials in terms of curing your medical marijuana to your specific desires.
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