Medical Marijuana – Guess who paid off the Drug Czar

Medical Marijuana and Drug Czar Fail
“Keep them distracted with the right hand while the left stabs them in the back!” This was the first thing that came to my mind when current Drug Czar spoke about Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana legalization.

Philip Morris Bought America

Speaking at the University of San Franscisco, Gil Kerlikowske addressed fellow prohibitionists and gave some insight about what he believes about medical marijuana. In one quote it seems that he almost endorses tobacco by saying; “High school students are more likely to smoke marijuana than tobacco due to the growing “perception” that marijuana is less harmful.” This was followed up by; “We have to ask if we doing everything we can to empower them to make a healthy decision about their future,” he said It seems that according to Good ‘ol Gil that smoking tobacco is a “healthier” decision for teens and it seems that marijuana is cutting into the business of his friends at British Tobacco.  

Medical Marijuana and Obama’s 21st Century Approach

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According to Gil and the President the Federal government will replace superstition with science and fiction with facts. According to Gil marijuana has not been tested by the FDA; “We have the world’s most renowned process to decide what is medicine and what should go in peoples’ bodies. And marijuana has never been through that process.” True Gil, but that might be because the FDA has been purchased by Big Pharma and denies anything that will not benefit these mega corps.  

Puppets on Strings

I don’t care what your political ideology is, the thing that worries me is how the Average American can sit idle when their politicians are so pompously touting lies and endorsing the very people who have turned the United States into the land of the slave. It’s time that every single freedom loving individual on this planet stand together and force the government’s hand. It’s time to start spreading the word about marijuana and doing your part in legalizing it in your community. It’s time to silence these professional political liars that only play for the teams that fund their wallets. You are on your own America, it’s up to you!
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