Medical Marijuana and the Official Federal Dogma

Medical marijuana federal dogma
Why is it that medical marijuana has such a hard time getting the credit it deserves? Why is it that despite the thousands of patients benefiting from cannabis treatment, that people still believe that medical cannabis is a “junkie’s excuse to get high”? To answer these questions we need to take a closer look at the Federal Government’s official Dogma in relation to marijuana. The Origin of Marijuana Prohibition Many people don’t know why marijuana was made illegal in the first place. It has nothing to do with physical or mental health, it has nothing to do with society going to hell in a hand basket but it does have everything to do with greed and power. Marijuana prohibition was spawned out of fear of competition. Randolph Hearst and his cronies needed cannabis out of the way in order to monopolize the newly formed petroleum based market. Cannabis/Hemp was the only thing that could directly compete with these rich folk and would have placed the “Average Joe” on the same playing field as these tycoons. In essence these people came together and literally conspired to make Hemp illegal and in 1937 they achieved victory. The Progression of Oppression Prohibition always benefits few and oppresses many. Hearst and allies did not want the public to know that marijuana was in fact; medical marijuana. They intensified their strategies and eventually convinced enough politicians that this was the right course of action to take. Prohibition turned into an actual war in 1971 when Nixon declared the war on drugs. After that Nancy Reagan through gasoline on the fire and began outsourcing the war to the world. Strangely the first Federal Medical Marijuana program started one year after Nixon declared the war on drug; and they still claim marijuana has no medicinal value yet they have a federal program. Medical marijuana has become more than just a plant, it has become the representation of freedom for many people. It has become a symbol that does not see race, sexual orientation, religion or creed. Medical marijuana or rather the prohibition thereof is something that affects us all in a very negative fashion. People are waking up and realizing that what the government is telling them…might simply not be true.
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