Medical Marijuana for Children – Is it Safe Pt. 2

Medical Marijuana for Children
In the first installment of “Medical Marijuana for Children” we spoke about a little 7 year old leukemia patient that is taking medical cannabis for her cancer. We also touched base on the horrific side effects of chemo and how it kills 2/3rds of the patients it is supposed to save. Now we up the ante even more with a younger patient and what it did for an inoperable brain tumor.
  • Medical Marijuana and Brain Tumors – Some recent studies found that cannabis actually induces a state of autophagy within cancer cells. This means that it begins to consume itself until it withers and dies. While clinical trials haven’t been performed on human subjects, mainly due to government intervention, there have been some cases that prove these studies to be true.
  • 8 month old and Medical marijuana – A Recent Huff Post article introduced Dr. William Courtney to the picture talking about his 8 month old patient. According to him the patient had an inoperable brain tumor. The father of the child did not want to opt in for deadly chemotherapy and asked for “non-traditional” treatment. Under the doctor’s discretion cannabis oils were administered through the baby’s pacifier twice a day and gradually incremented the dose. Dr. Courtney found within 2 months that the tumor had reduced in size enough to stop traditional therapy. 8 months later the tumor was “greatly” reduced in size.
The dear doctor quickly changed his view on medical cannabis. He saw first hand that medical marijuana can cure brain tumors without the atrocious side effects related to chemo. Imagine what this could do to infant mortality when speaking about inoperable brain tumors? Obviously this doesn't sit well with prohibitionists and you’ll most probably not hear of this in the news for too much longer. The point is that medical marijuana has the potential to cure cancer, maybe not all, but at least some cancers respond to cannabis treatment. In this specific case one cannot deny the benefits of medical marijuana for children. The question that should be on everyone’s minds is; “What would you rather give your child; a plant that grows naturally in the wild or deadly radiation that destroys all cells in its path, healthy or not?”
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