Medical Marijuana and why the Government hates it

Medical marijuana and the government
We have now more than 16 years of medical marijuana and tens of thousands of people have felt its benefits. But even though there is evidence that suggest that marijuana kills cancer, helps with autism, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and much more the government continues to maintain its status as a Schedule I drug.
  • Medical Marijuana and the Government – The guys who are making the laws at capitol hill are being paid to be there. By you and me yes, but mostly by special interest groups working for Big Tobacco, Pharma, Alcohol, Energy, and Petroleum etc. So when medical marijuana turns out to be a potential cure for cancer, who do you think stands a lot to lose?
  • The Government and Marijuana – Marijuana is a plant that can do thousands of different things. It can do anything from provide you with food, housing, medicine, clothes and more. Even the dumbest pond rock can cultivate marijuana and all you need is land, water and sunshine. The government currently relies on industries that are managed by a few and sees marijuana as a threat, whether medical marijuana, recreational or industrial.
  • Medical Marijuana paradigm breaker – Even though the federal government has tried to convince the public that legal marijuana will be the end of society, medical marijuana has shifted the paradigm. With 16 years of medical marijuana in California, is society hanging by a thread? Sick and dying people are getting better when using marijuana so how will a healthy person be at risk of dying then? The time is running out for the DEA and associates spreading atrocious lies about marijuana. We are reaching a tipping point when people will simply not trust their government anymore, and all for what?
Marijuana Doctors 411 believe in sound government. But when we see the federal government raid continually medical marijuana dispensaries, arrest hundreds of thousands of people for marijuana possession, we begin to wonder if certain elements of the federal government are sound.  Medical marijuana is a medicine that can deal with a plethora of diseases and conditions. Recreational marijuana is far safer than alcohol or tobacco. Industrial Marijuana could very well revolutionize our society in terms of; paper, lumber, food, construction, fuel and much more.
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