Medical Marijuana in California

Medical Marihuana in California
Medical Marijuana in California makes reference to the buds of the marijuana plant that give the herbal therapy that is recommended by prescribing doctor. Many new strains are being created by local marijuana dispensaries, creating branding for that particular dispensary and/or region. This type of marijuana is gaining momentum throughout the United States and has been legalized by approximately seventeen other states, California being one of the first states to legalize in the long uphill battle for nationwide legalization. This has become a great alternative for cancer, pain, glaucoma patients, and Huntington’s disease patients, just to name a few, than being treated by toxic chemotherapy regimens or over the counter prescription medication.  Medical marijuana in California and the marijuana that comes over the border vary largely in quality and THC content. Medical marijuana is often times inspected for its color, type, checked for insects and disease before packaged, and then finally sold. The marijuana that comes over the border obviously does not go through such rigorous checks. The packaged product that comes from us from Mexico illegally tends to lack the quality and the effects that are produced by the marijuana that is grown legally by the horticulturists here in the United States. As we know it, there are eighteen different states have enacted different laws and stipulations, and charges the patient and caregiver a certain amount to maintain their medical marijuana cards and grows respectively. The different states that have ended their prohibition on the drug, have found that the tax revenue that it has created would go back into local school programs, infrastructure, and relieve their necessity for spending cuts. Medical Marijuana in California has generated $14 billion dollars a year in additional revenue. Over time, this tax cushion could also prevent states from red spending and would give jobs to hundreds, possibly thousands, of people.
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