Medical Marijuana in LA said to be the Best in the World

Medical Marijuana in LA
With roughly 16 years of Medical Marijuana in LA the quality of cannabis is said to be the best in the world. Through years of cultivation practices, modification of techniques and grow mediums it is no wonder that many stellar strains have been created. But prohibitionists have claimed time and time again that “marijuana of today” is far stronger than it was in the 60’s and 70’s. This is an absolute lie. Medical Marijuana in LA is not “stronger” than it was in the past, it is quite ridiculous to believe that under 70 years of marijuana prohibition humanity could innovate and strengthen weed so much.
  • The Reality of Marijuana potency - Marijuana, even in nature, has different types of strains and phenotypes. It is no secret that different strains have different potencies naturally. Our techniques and cultivation methods have gotten better but what prohibitionists claim is that chemical additives are used to increase potency.
  • Perfect conditions – In nature weather conditions are very unpredictable. These unpredictable conditions can hinder the natural growth process of the plant. In addition to this, if a female cannabis plant is pollinated by a male it will produce seeds, which would automatically stump the potency of the plant. Nowadays growers understand that in order to grow the best medical marijuana premium conditions are necessary.
  • Medical Marijuana in LA – Medical marijuana requires growing in the best of conditions due to the fact that it is medicine. Patients require a consistency in potency in order to effectively treat their conditions. It is because of this factor that LA and California as a whole has gained a reputation all over the world. Other than the fact that California provides some of the best growing climates in the world, we can see that this is soon going to be referred to as the green state.
Medical Marijuana in LA is continually evolving into something more precise. In the future we could expect strains of marijuana to treat specific diseases and conditions as the industry continues to evolve.
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