Medical Marijuana in LA Evolution to Legal Marijuana

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As we enter 2013 we will begin to witness medical marijuana in LA evolve into a fully legalized system. How long will this process take? Some analysts believe that legal marijuana in California could be possible by as early as 2014 or as late as 2016. Californians already attempted to legalize before but didn't pass by a very tiny margin. A few years later, Washington and Colorado step into the history books and legalize marijuana for recreational use.
  • Medical Marijuana in LA “History” – Prior to federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in California under the Obama administration; or “Obongageddon”, LA county had some of the highest numbers of dispensaries per capita in the entire US. Medical Marijuana in LA was big business and despite the government’s efforts to close down the business, you simply can’t keep a good weed down.
  • Medical Marijuana in LA “Current Affairs” – Today the medical marijuana market in California has an estimated value of roughly $2 billion dollars per year. Under a fully legalized system this margin could shoot up to ten or twenty billion dollars and would affect roughly 30% of cartel income in Mexico. Despite the fact that the justice department is attempting to stifle the growth of the marijuana market in California; the odds of that happening should be compared to the proverbial snowball and his chance in hell.
  • Medical Marijuana in LA “Evolution” – Many legalization groups in California expressed their interest to move forward to full scale legalization. With more investors willing to back these movements it seems that marijuana is quickly becoming the focus of some serious players. There is absolutely no doubt that marijuana is completely legalized in California within the next four years. Depending on who is willing to put down the money, it could even be sooner.
Medical marijuana in LA will begin its evolutionary process in the beginning of 2013 and within the next four years everyone 21 and over will have legal access to cannabis; the fat lady is preparing to sing.
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