Medical Marijuana in LA gets Grandfather Clause

Medical Marijuana in LA
Medical Marijuana in LA is definitely a lucrative business and also became the target of the DOJ last year. For some reason, against the will of the people, the federal government made it their personal mission to go after these “apparent” hardcore criminal organizations; i.e dispensaries. While more than 500 dispensaries were targeted, some found refuge in being legal establishments that paid their taxes and were formed prior to September of 2007. In essence they obtained Grandfather status and will not be prosecuted by local authorities.
  • Medical Marijuana in LA development – Los Angeles was almost like the mecca for pot shops. There was an estimation of more than 750 dispensaries operating within LA limits. Yet despite the staggering amount of dispensaries there still wasn't an increase in addiction rates, crime and other “potential” social threats spout out by the federal government. It seemed that the people of Los Angeles accepted the fact that marijuana was a good medicine and provided relief for those who needed it. California has some of the most relaxed medical marijuana laws in the country and pretty much any condition that can obtain benefit from marijuana can merit a recommendation.
  • The Feds and Medical Marijuana in LA – The Feds somehow believe that if something is good…kill it! If the federal government would have looked at statistics they would only have to look at tax revenue and crime rates. The legal operation of these dispensaries were not causing any social ills, on the contrary, it was funneling money back into the pocket of the tax payer. It was stealing away money from deadly drug cartels and providing safe access for people who choose a plant over processed pills. But for some reason…this was bad!
Medical Marijuana in LA will never die, in fact it will only get stronger over time. 750 dispensaries tell me one thing, there is a high demand for quality cannabis. With so many stores you can expect competitive prices that will be fair to marijuana patients and once legal you can expect an even greater decrease of value which would definitely hit the cartels really hard. Medical Marijuana in LA is not the end of civil order but the birth of an innovative new industry ready to set its roots. It turns out that money can grow on trees, if we legalize it.
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