Medical Marijuana in LA taking care of Veterans

Medical Marijuana In LA for Vets
With recent discoveries that marijuana helps with PTSD and is especially good for veterans a dispensary in LA decided to give free pot to vets. Medical Marijuana in LA has a long standing reputation of being some of the finest bud in the world and Zen Healing dispensary located in West Hollywood decided to donate a quarter of their harvest to people who can prove they served in the military.
  • Recent Studies on PTSD and Cannabis – Before we jump into more detail on how medical marijuana in LA is supplying free pot to vets we’ll dive a bit deeper into what medical cannabis does for PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder essentially occurs when a human is placed into a high-stress situation that will provoke disturbing symptoms within the patient. Some of these symptoms include; Re-Experience Symptoms such as Flash Backs, Nightmares and so forth, Avoidance symptoms such as emotional numbness, staying away from people, places and situations or Hyper Arousal symptoms such as being easily startled feeling “on edge, rage or insomnia. Cannabis helps for almost every one of these symptoms relaxing the patient and providing the patient with the ability to sleep. In fact what occurs with PTSD is that the patient replays the event in his or her mind and intensifies it every time.
  • Medical Marijuana in LA to save the Day – It’s good to see a dispensary reach out to those who fought to protect our freedoms and served our country. It’s the least we can do as a general “thank you”. Zen Healing also reaches out to homeless people in LA county seeing that there are plenty of them on the streets. Medical Marijuana in LA is beginning to show that marijuana goes beyond buying and selling, growing and smoking. It shows that the “pot community” cares, that they are more empathetic to the needs of others.
Medical Marijuana in LA and dispensaries such as Zen Healing are helping shape the image of marijuana by being socially responsible. We applaud this dispensary for its humanitarian efforts and urge Veterans in the LA area to see what they can do to take advantage of this service.
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