A little light is shone on Medical Marijauna in Michigan

michigan cards A little light is shone on Medical Marijauna in MichiganBack in 2008, Michigan approved House Bill 4834, allowing the use of medical marijuana. Like many other states, marijuana is still a confusing drug to deal with in a medical capacity, which may be the reason so many states quickly legalized small marijuana possession of it relatively shortly after giving medical patients licenses. And it makes sense - if only for that fact that it’s tricky for prescribers to know on an individual basis which consumption rates are therapeutic and which work just past the point of providing therapy and, in fact, cross the line into recreation. Really, it’s all quite confusing, especially for people who don’t themselves have any personal experience with the drug or its effects - for you have to recall, this is Michigan - it’s not exactly the state of free-love or even hemp - yet. So five years ago, when the amendment was passed to grant privileges to medical patients seeking marijuana as their choice of therapy, no one fully understood what this new legislation meant. People were confused on a variety of issues - the proposed ID cards were difficult to register for, doctors who dealt in the trade were under increased scrutiny hence decreasing the amount willing to participate - essentially things were a mess. Since then, the state has been working on renewing this law, and making it stick this time. This Monday, new laws finally came into effect to do just this. Michael Komorn, an attorney and the president of the MMMA - Michigan Medical Marijuana Association - said that “In some ways, the Legislature's intent was to fill in the holes...All the confusion should be put aside and all the clarity should be there.But I don't really know if that's the case." Changes made to the bill include an increase in the lifespan of registered ID cards, from one year to two - increased strictness on who can be deemed worthy of being a caregiver from a legal perspective and felony descriptions for caregivers who illegally sell medical marijuana - and most importantly, a demanded increased in the amount of face time doctors must spend with the clients to whom they are prescribing the drug. While the longer lived ID cards certainly lessen the process of getting and then renewing them yearly, the major benefit of this clarity legislation may in fact be it’s guidelines and increased influence from the medical profession. Not only does this give doctors who decide to engage in the practice more power over their own trade, but, as Michael Komorn says, more importantly “when juries begin to hear cases and judges dismiss charges, then you'll see prosecutors and police taking a different approach.” So maybe Monday’s new laws will work as Kormon hopes, decease some of the stigma of the drug publicly over time as cases are tried. From these cases law makers and enforces will have a better understanding of the contexts marijuana use is legal and when it is not, which will make life better for those simply looking for a little relief during hard times - who desire to enjoy a meal the way they used to. And hey, why not make a little tax revenue off of it at the same time? Things seem like they may have finally gotten straightened out in Michigan when it comes to medical marijuana, now recreational users will simply have to wait for their day in the sun. 234x60 A little light is shone on Medical Marijauna in Michigan
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