Medical Marijuana Champions of Liberty – Micah Moffett

Medical Marijuana Micah Moffett
Who are the people standing in the front line of the War on Drugs within the US borders? Who are the pioneers that took that risky first step and placed their necks on the lines for everybody? Our champions of liberties in this day and age are the doctors, dispensaries and of course the suffering patients. Today however we turn to one particular champion of Liberty, Micah Moffett. Before Micah was thrown into the controversial world of marijuana, marijuana legalization and medical marijuana as a whole, he lived an average life. It was one fateful night that changed his life forever. One morning Micah was riding his motorcycle to school when a car ran a stop sign and left him broken on the street. He was rushed to the hospital and after several painful surgeries, damage to his brain neck and being a coma for a month, he finally was told he would never walk again and would be confined to a wheelchair; in fact, he would hardly be able to move at all. You can imagine that with such a drastic change in lifestyle that severe depression set in, he was in constant pain, he couldn’t eat and was slowly withering into a shell of a man. Doctors were quick to prescribe their dangerous and highly addictive magnesium based medicines but Micah simply didn’t like this option due to the side effects of the medication. Yes it might take away your pain but at the same time you’ll become physically dependent on it and more importantly, it will slowly corrode your insides to nothing.
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Micah Medicating on some Medical Marijuana

Micah, living in Colorado had another choice. He opted in for Medical Marijuana and you could ask him yourself, it changed his life forever. He ceased to be a victim of his situation and started to see that there was more to life than what he saw in front of him. He was able to manage his pain, gain an appetite and simply enjoy life more. While some doctors were still too scared regarding the stigma of medical marijuana, he soon found one that was in favor and like that he joined thousands of others in the great battle for marijuana legalization. Some people argue that medical marijuana is nothing but a smoke screen for recreational marijuana but then those people haven’t met Micah. Micah is a legitimate testimony of marijuana’s curative properties. It didn’t just work on his body either, it worked on his mind. Marijuana helped Micah change his perspective on life, he managed to see things from a different angle. Despite the fact that he is physically disabled, medical marijuana also provided him with new hope. Micah is now an icon, a champion of liberty for all of us. He is testament to the full potential of medical marijuana. And even those who “unofficially” medicate with marijuana will all tell you that marijuana is helping them with something whether it is pain, depression, anxiety and so something else. And if smoking marijuana does indeed induce a short period of euphoria, joy and happiness to distract you from a long tedious and sometimes very painfully stressed out existence…why the hell did we make that illegal?
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